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Institutional Ownership

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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding351,049,649
Short Interest Shares22,859,713
Float (%)99.80
Institutional Ownership (%)79.14
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)40.93
Insider Ownership (%)0.20
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)42.99
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 666277,817,068
New Positions 464,286,846
Increased Positions 23727,500,754
Decreased Positions 209(34,667,053)
Soldout Positions 104(13,595,790)
Net Change (16,475,243)
As of December 31, for purposes of calculating market cap and ownership percentages, 85,839,827 million Class A shares are not included in the outstanding share count. Class A shares have equal voting rights and economic interests as Mosaic's common shares.
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
American National Bank & Trust0.0006/30/2017(92)
First American Trust F.S.B.0.0006/30/2017(126,798)
Independent Portfolio Consultants Inc.0.0006/30/2017(4,680)
Narwhal Capital Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(8,625)
Spiderrock Advisors, LLC0.0006/30/2017(3,331)
Cape Cod Five Trust and Asset Management0.0006/30/2017(8,000)
Ellipsis Asset Management SA0.0006/30/2017(1)
Harwood Advisory Group, LLC0.0006/30/2017(65,517)
Alpha Windward LLC0.0006/30/2017(1,290)
Anderson Hoagland & Co0.0006/30/2017(41,772)
Washington Trust Bank0.0006/30/2017(70)
MEAG MUNICH ERGO Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH0.0006/30/2017(579,467)
Acadian Asset Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(2,179)
Clear Harbor Asset Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(9,175)
Contravisory Investment Management Inc.0.0006/30/2017(8,212)
Honkamp Krueger Financial Services, Inc0.0006/30/2017(7,955)
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co. Ltd.0.0006/30/2017(7,133)
Winfield Associates Inc0.0006/30/2017(326)
Harbour Capital Advisors, LLC0.0006/30/2017(1,500)
BP Investment Management Ltd.0.0006/30/2017(87,000)
Smith Asset Management Group L.P.0.0006/30/2017(2,030)
Trexquant Investment LP0.0006/30/2017(15,052)
UMB Financial Corporation, Asset Management Arm0.0006/30/2017(8,350)
Wetherby Asset Management0.0006/30/2017(13,068)
Apriem Advisors0.0006/30/2017(100)
Boston Co. Asset Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(3,737,536)
Conning Asset Management Co.0.0006/30/2017(7,390)
LMR Partners LLP0.0006/30/2017(8,483)
Turner Investments L.P.0.0006/30/2017(5,410)
William Blair Investment Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(9,104)
Great Lakes Advisors LLC0.0006/30/2017(16,994)
Hanson McClain L.P.0.0006/30/2017(37)
Bellwether Investment Group, Llc0.0006/30/2017(178)
Marble Harbor Investment Counsel LLC0.0006/30/2017(16,150)
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings Co. Ltd.0.0006/30/2017(260)
NBT Bancorp Inc.0.0006/30/2017(17,869)
OMERS Administration Corp.0.0006/30/2017(70,500)
Schulhoff & Co Inc0.0006/30/2017(6,775)
Willingdon Wealth Management LLC0.0006/30/2017(121,142)
Argent Trust Company0.0006/30/2017(9,448)
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