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Institutional Ownership

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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding351,049,649
Short Interest Shares20,992,121
Float (%)98.97
Institutional Ownership (%)77.87
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)39.98
Insider Ownership (%)1.03
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)41.64
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 610273,349,703
New Positions 414,550,878
Increased Positions 20116,903,853
Decreased Positions 166(16,575,427)
Soldout Positions 55(1,864,020)
Net Change 3,015,284
As of December 31, for purposes of calculating market cap and ownership percentages, 85,839,827 million Class A shares are not included in the outstanding share count. Class A shares have equal voting rights and economic interests as Mosaic's common shares.
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Nuveen Investments Inc.0.0009/30/2017(8,783)
Federated Investors Inc.0.0009/30/2017(6,237)
Campbell & Co. LP0.0009/30/2017(10,122)
ClearBridge LLC0.0009/30/2017(1,170)
Stuyvesant Capital Management Corp.0.0009/30/2017(111,950)
Virginia Retirement System0.0009/30/2017(13,600)
BB&T Asset Management Inc.0.0009/30/2017(68,294)
Clinton Group Inc.0.0009/30/2017(64,675)
Commerce Investment Advisors Inc.0.0009/30/2017(8,880)
Great-West Capital Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(4,295)
Highbridge Capital Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(13,465)
Parkway Advisors L.P.0.0009/30/2017(18,750)
Resources Investment Advisors Inc0.0009/30/2017(100)
Wilmington Funds Management Corp.0.0009/30/2017(6,100)
American Assets Investment Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(35,000)
BBR Partners LLC0.0009/30/2017(11,000)
Beach Investment Counsel, Inc.0.0009/30/2017(10,000)
Bessemer Investment Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(365)
CI Investments Inc.0.0009/30/2017(507)
Creative Planning Inc.0.0009/30/2017(15,106)
Ellington Management Group L.L.C.0.0009/30/2017(14,400)
EVERGREEN GaveKal LLC0.0009/30/2017(92,658)
F&V Capital Management L.L.C.0.0009/30/2017(10,300)
Geneva Advisors LLC0.0009/30/2017(44,951)
Horseman Capital Management Ltd.0.0009/30/2017(500,000)
KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS0.0009/30/2017(64,439)
Leisure Capital Management Inc.0.0009/30/2017(25,177)
O'Shaughnessy Asset Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(105,994)
Prentiss Smith & Co. Inc.0.0009/30/2017(31)
Rodgers Brothers Inc.0.0009/30/2017(12,198)
Spudy & Co. Family Office GmbH0.0006/30/2017(9,800)
BTG Pactual Asset Management SA Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários0.0009/30/2017(21,400)
Cipher Capital LP0.0009/30/2017(25,787)
City Financial Investment Co. Ltd.0.0009/30/2017(15,800)
CrestPoint Capital Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(9,100)
Exane Asset Management0.0009/30/2017(1,106)
Ferris Capital LLC0.0009/30/2017(102)
Fox Run Management LLC0.0009/30/2017(30,900)
Glassman Wealth Services LLC0.0009/30/2017(17)
Goodwood Advisors LLC0.0009/30/2017(27,500)
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